Californian Muse tells, in poetic form, the beautiful--but cursed--modern day love story of a young, American girl who went to France to be the art student of painter and poet Grégory Huck. This story might have ended there, but the student and the master fell madly in love. They spent one of the most memorable years of their lives in a small studio in a medieval town, and it was there that their passion--forbidden because the painter had already built his life--was played out. Torn between light and dark, appearance and disappearance, the lovers' relationship was both joyful and dramatic--until fate intervened. This is introspective poetry about real life experiences and universal themes, with an enlightening introduction by poet Farah Chamma.

Les poèmes de Muse californienne nous racontent une merveilleuse mais maudite histoire d'amour moderne, celle d'une jeune américaine venue en France pour ètre l'élève en art du peintre et poète Grégory Huck. Ils ont passé une année mémorable dans un petit studio d'art au centre d'une ville médiévale, théâtre de leur passion interdite, dans la joie et le drame jusque l'intervention du destin. Une introduction par Farah Chamma nous éclaire au sujet de cette poésie très introspective.

Format Paperback | 88 pages
Dimensions 140 x 216 x 5mm | 122g
Publication date 03 Jul 2017
Publisher Leaky Boot Press
Language English/ French
ISBN10 190984943XISBN13 9781909849433

Californian Muse

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